Profile (duties and Functions)
  • Formulation of policies, programs and projects in regard to the subject of foreign employment and all subjects that come under the purview of departments and statutory institutions listed in column II and any other over-all national policies that may be adopted by the government
  • Provision of all public services that come under the preview of the ministry in an efficient and people friendly manner.
  • Welfare of expatriates Sri Lankans and welfare of migrant workers.
  • Regulation and supervision of employment agencies.
  • Career guidance of foreign employment.
  • All other subjects that come under the preview of organizations listed in Column II
Our Vision

To be the leading policy maker and implementer to create gainful foreign employment opportunities, whilst protecting rights of migrant workers and ensuring their welfare and protection.

Our Mission

To convert the entire labor migration sector into a demand driven process and make it highly competitive by introducing required structural changes together with necessary promotional and welfare activities to meet the international market challenges considering the importance of its contribution to the national economy.”

Our aims and objectives
  • Policy making and implementation
  • Establishment of information systems
  • Capacity development and improvement of standards.
  • Accomplishment of welfare needs of migrant workers.
  • Promotion of regularizing of foreign employment industry.
Hon. Thalatha Atukorale

Minister of Foreign Employment
Address: 51/2/1, 2nd Floor, Assert Arcade Building
York Street, Colombo 01.
Telephone: 011- 2330600/2330556
E-Mail : thalathaatukorale@yahoo.com
Message of the Hon. Minister of Foreign Employment

Sri Lankan expatriate workers form the largest source of income in terms of foreign exchange brought to our country. It is the bounden duty of His Excellency the President as well as the Government to ensure maximum welfare of the families of our expatriate workers. In appreciation, it is proposed to create a Pension Scheme for expatriate workers, as well as to increase rates of interest on Non Resident Foreign Currency Accounts.

In addition, our Ministry plans to create new markets for skilled labour, and maximize earnings in the form of foreign exchange.

Hon. Thalatha Atukorale.
Minister of Foreign Employment

G.S Withanage

Secretary of Foreign Employment
Address: 51/2/1, 2nd Floor, Assert Arcade Building
York Street, Colombo 01.
Telephone: 011-2331250/2330500
Fax : 011- 2330069
E-Mail : secretarymfe@gmail.com
Message of the Secretary, Ministry of Foreign Employment

Overseas employment is the largest source of foreign exchange in the Sri Lankan economy. Since 1970's when formal employment migration commenced, foreign employment has generated substantial inflows of remittance at the same time relieving pressure on unemployment of youth by providing employment abroad. An estimated 1.7 million Sri Lankans are employed abroad impacting nearly 25% of our population. A total of300,413 (63.22% of males & 36.78% females) left for employment in 2014. During 2014, total remittances received amounted to US $. 7.018 Billion (LKR 916.367 Billion)

Accordingly, the present Government identifies to implement following programmes for immediate relief for overseas employees within the first hundred days.

• A pensions scheme will be introduced for migrant workers, and the interest on their
NRFC deposits will be increased by 2.5%

• A programme will be put in place to ensure support and protection for the families of
migrant workers in the Middle East and elsewhere who provide an invaluable service to
the country through their labour

• To lay greater emphasis to provide more employment abroad to skilled and professional
categories which have a higher earning capacity and less employment related problems.

We continuously expand our services and facilities to exploit more employment opportunities while ensuring a labour migration process that adheres to principles of good governance and rights for all men and women to engage in decent and productive employment abroad in conditions of freedom, dignity, security and equity. To facilitate this, the Ministry of Foreign Employment is keen on achieving regional cooperation and understanding by holding discussions and entering into international agreements with both sending and receiving countries.

G.S Withanage
Ministry of Foreign Employment


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